TAKERU, the King of Japanese Drums

Nobushiro Kikuchi, the Young Lion of So (Japanese zither)

Yoshiyuki Kasai, the Pioneer in Tsugaru Shamisen (Japanese banjo)

Players representing the traditional Japanese music world gathered together.


While each one is the leading player of respective instrument, they are all trying to overcome the limitation of the traditional music by creating unorthodox numbers and performances which are highly acclaimed abroad, not to mention within Japan.

Their concerts are always sold out and they attract support from wide range of age groups.

On 16th March 2014, they released a DVD titled “Enishi (bond)”.
It is a rare video release in traditional Japanese music but is increasing sales both at home and abroad.




He won the best prize in Mt Fuji Solo Drumming Competition in 2001. The group was incorporated in 2011 by the name of Nippon Daiko Co., Ltd., with TAKERU as the president. The Company is also engaged in planning and producing, such as “Chiba JapaneseDrum Festa” supervised by TAKERU. They launched “TheGenkidama (Spirit Ball) Project” in support of the recovery from Great East Japan Earthquake and are still engaged in the support activities. Recently they appeared in the special tour performancestitled “The Poetry of Japan, in Four Luminous Seasons” by Min-On Cultural Group in China (Beijing and Tianjin) to great acclaim.

Nobushiro Kikuchi  

He participated in the Japanese music category of The All Japan High School Cultural Festival and won the Encouragement Prize by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. He then organized the so performing group “Waon” and became its representative. The group performs at home and abroad, touring countries like China, Korea, Italy, France and 5 Arabian Countries, where they met with favorable reviews.

Yoshiyuki Kasai


He won the Tsugaru Shamisen National Competition in 2007, 08, 10 and 13. He has so far performed in 30 overseas countries in addition to domestic tours. He also work as a producer, engaged in stage managements and other producing business.


Track List 

1.indication HANABI
2.Nostalgia Oasis
5.Shishi no shin no shin
6.Depend of wings
7.Privilege video

ENISHI[TAKERU(Taiko.Nobuki Kikuchi(Koto).Yoriyuki Kasai(Sangen)]/Koto Sasagawa(Tsugaru shamisen)/Akio Takeda/Mitsushi Ishida(Taiko)/Shinichiro Suzuki(Koto)/Tsubasa Fujiwara(Sangen)/Yuka Sasaki(Pf)/MARABANA(Dansu)
indication HANABI/Nostalgia Oasis/STEP/Aun/Shishi no Shin no Kokoro/Depend of wings

Demo movie